President's Report 2017



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2 JULY 2017

Our activities have been somewhat quieter this year after our very busy 2016

Our current paid members total 54 as against 97 for the last financial year but we still have members continuing to renew their membership so we are hopeful to equal this number this year.

 As always our Fundraising has been ongoing. Some member volunteers took part in the Weetbix Tryathlon which involved a very early start on a very hot day. Not a huge money-earner but enjoyable for those who took part and of course keeps the profile of the Church in the public eye. Again our big fundraiser was the Tuf Guy/Gal Challenge and we are again extremely grateful to our many willing volunteers who year after year come forward to help with this event.  Also, thanks to our co-ordinator Christine Parker who does a magnificent job every year.

The book "Our Buried History" written by our member Colleen Hira which was launched at our Jubilee continues to sell albeit a little more slowly now after the initial huge response.

The greatest problem for the committee this year has been the ongoing problems with our fire alarm activation system which was installed two years ago.  We had a worry-free 14 months but are now are plagued by false alarms which although our installer has made every effort to combat is causing us huge problems.  We as a committee are in the invidious position of having to make a call to ring whether to ring the Fire Brigade when we have an activation as we just cannot take the risk of assuming it is another false report.  However the Fire  Service only allow three false alarms and then charge $1150 for future call outs so we are presently endeavouring to plead our cause to get the latest invoice waived. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

 Which leads us to the plans for the Vestry which will include a sprinkler system and we can thus do away with the monitored smoke alarm.  However the Conservation Architect (who we are obliged to use as we are a registered historic building) has been very slow in completing our required plans so again we are committed to carry on with the alarm system in place at the moment.  We have access to funds to build  this Vestry and are very keen to get it done so hopefully will see some progress shortly on this project.

 As you all possibly recall we had a burst water main on the road outside the Church some 18 months ago and Hutt City Council have now agreed to contribute to the replacement paths which although were already In a very poor state of repair were further damaged due to the flood.  We have obtained a grant for our share of this cost and are now awaiting the  contractor to carry out the work. We are very conscious that the replacement paths should be sympathetic with the age of our historic Graveyard but feel the chosen contractor and the Council representative overseeing this work are very aware of our requirements.

Wedding bookings had slowed down the first half of this year however we had one yesterday and have three bookings for later this year plus one Christening/Naming Ceremony.   

We have also hosted two memorial services during the past year, a Naming Ceremony, two Hymn Nights, our usual Carol night and a visit by Moera Friendship Group.

With the assistance of Selina Griffin we now have our own Facebook page and according to our statistical information this is well patronised by members and the general public.  Also our thanks to Colleen Hira who still maintains our Web page for us.

 Our thanks again to Tony Valster ably assisted by Hellen for his repair to our oldest headstones, the latest being that of Richard Prouse and which was much appreciated by Prouse descendants.  We are so fortunate to have such a craftsman willing and very able to undertake specialised work on our behalf.  Also to Hellen Valster for her ongoing restoration work on the lettering and general condition of all other headstones in the Graveyard.

 Our thanks to the Wainuiomata Gardeners’ Club for the tending of our flower beds and to our dedicated Grave Carers for their work on their "adopted" graves.

In closing as always my very sincere thanks to our small but very dedicated committee who work tirelessly to ensure that the Church which is so dear to all of us remains in the best possible condition.

 Joyce Lockyer


Posted: Fri 21 Jul 2017