2020 Annual General Meeting

The Wainuiomata Pioneer Church Preservation Society Inc held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 21 June 2020 at the Coast Road Church at 2pm and 11 people attended. The President (Christine Parker) read a report of the events which have taken place over the past year, and the impact Covid19 has had on the Society, following which elections were held and the committee for 2020-2021 elected.
President - Christine Parker
Secretary - Vicky Alexander
Treasurer - Andrea Lister
plus, a committee of Margaret Kinsey, Linda Grime, Joyce Lockyer, Hellen Valster, Deb Flanagan, Linda Pegg and Joy Jones.
The meeting was followed by afternoon tea and an enjoyable sociable hour.
A copy of the President’s report follows:


Presidents Report

Presented to

Annual General Meeting

21 June 2020



We thought last year was a rather hectic and chaotic year but who could have been prepared for what has unfolded this year.

The Church members, Committee and our local Community have been very blessed that they have come through this Global Crisis basically unscathed.

 After last year the Church feels like it has had a rather quiet year but in reality not so…

 The hard-working committee - Joyce Vicky Linda Andrea Hellen Margaret Debbie and Linda have now added to their many skills. Catering for gardening groups and visiting groups to the Church. This has become a new source of Fundraising which, in the future, will be greatly needed as Grants have become and will continue to be harder to obtain due to the current economic climate.

There were several weddings held this early part of the year while sadly a few bookings had to be cancelled or put on hold until safe for larger groups to mix. Linda Grime has untaken the job of Booking Officer and has certainly made bookings and weddings much more streamlined. Thank you, Linda.

I think with the amount of time you spend at the Church you maybe can have the title of “Church Mouse “

Many members and Friends of the Church have generously made donations for which we are very grateful. One of our oldest members, and a very loyal supporter of the Church, Jean Collins recently celebrated her 95th birthday with a lovely birthday party which some committee members attended.

Our membership is currently around the 55 mark (which is down on last year), with many members renewing their membership promptly. Thank you as this helps with the Church’s running costs.

I would like to thank the Committee, Members, Friends of the Church and the Wainuiomata Church Gardeners and the Wainuiomata  Gardens who give their time and support whether it is fundraising, ie Tough Guy, restoring graves or gardening in the Church’s rather large gardens, from which you can see great results today. I certainly am looking forward to Spring to see our “donated bulbs“in bloom

Recently Wayne Forsyth donated his workers’ time and labour to spread topsoil in the grounds, sow lawns and, when weather permits, he will arrange the laying of our new pavers from the rear entrance to the path finishing at the shed door.

Tough Guy has been postponed until October this year.  However, I am sure that with your continuing support we will be able to pay off our remaining debt for the Fire Sprinkler.

I feel so proud as I am sure that everyone else does as well when we hear the many comments on how lovely the Church looks.

A rather tough family member critic (from out of town) said ‘The Church looks amazing and even though it has had a major renovation the Church looks like it is old like it has been there forever. You all should feel very proud’ which of course we all are.

Again, a big thank you to the Committee Joyce, Andy, Linda G, Hellen, Margaret, Debbie, Vicky and Linda P, Husbands and families, Members and Friends of the Church who work tirelessly and quietly in the background.  Without your support, this wonderful Church would not be the ‘Queen’ she is today in our Community.

Posted: Sat 27 Jun 2020