2021 Annual General Meeting

MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting of the Wainuiomata Pioneer Church 
Preservation Society Incorporated, held Sunday 20 June 2021 at the Coast Road 
Church at 2pm 


Margaret Kinsey (President); Joyce Lockyer; Linda Grime; Andrea Lister (Treasurer); Linda 
Pegg; Vicky Alexander (Secretary); Jan Hansen; Pauline Oliver; Colin Kinsey; Dawn 
Chambers; Bill Koelman; Joy Jones; Heather Austen; Annette Thomas; Barbara Bennett; 
Bev Grogan; Christine Parker; Loren Parker; Diana Williams; Viv Wahren; Anne Tapp; 
Rochelle Stewart-Allen; Doreen Hore; James & Sharayne Davis; Gwyneth Schibli; 
Stephen Prouse; Lynn Dowman


Hellen Valster; Colleen Hira; Judy Morgan; Deb Flanagan; Trish Hereaka; Jan Packer 
It was Moved by Pauline Oliver and Seconded by Bev Grogan, that these Apologies be 


The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held Sunday 21 June 2020 were read. It was 
Moved by Linda Pegg that these be accepted, Seconded by Linda Grime, All in favour 

Matters Arising: 

There were nil matters arising. 

President’s Report: 

This report was read by Margaret Kinsey. Margaret Moved that it be accepted, Seconded 
by Andrea Lister, all in favour 

Financial Report: 

This report was circulated at the meeting. As requested by the Treasurer, the President 
read and spoke to this report. 
Diana Williams queried why the Treasurer was not reading her Report, and the President 
explained that she had been asked to read this. 
Loren Parker requested a breakdown of the Grants received, Fundraising and Donations. 
This information was not to hand but the President assured Loren that it would be provided 
subsequent to the AGM. 
It was then Moved by Andrea Lister that her Report be accepted, Seconded by Jan 
Hansen. With one exception the meeting was in favour of this Report being accepted. 
A vote of Thanks was Moved for the work the Treasurer has done, and for the great work 
she has put in over many years. This vote was heartily endorsed. 

Election of Officers: 


It was Moved by Margaret Kinsey that Lorraine Collins continue as our Auditor, Seconded 
Bill Koelman, All in favour. 


Margaret vacated the chair and Vicky called for nominations for the position of 
Joyce Lockyer nominated Margaret Kinsey, Seconded by Andrea Lister 
All in favour and Margaret Kinsey was declared President. 


Christine Parker nominated Deb Flanagan, Seconded by Loren Parker 
Pauline Oliver nominated Vicky Alexander, Seconded by Joyce Lockyer 
A paper ballot was held with Joy Jones and Bev Grogan acting as scrutineers, and 
Vicky Alexander was declared Secretary 


The Constitution allows for a maximum of 8 committee members, and Margaret called for 
Joyce Lockyer was nominated by Pauline Oliver and seconded by Lynn Dowman 
Linda Grime was nominated by Andrea Lister and seconded by Joyce Lockyer 
Deb Flanagan was nominated by Linda Grime and seconded by Loren Parker 
Linda Pegg was nominated by Andrea Lister and seconded by Linda Grime 
Anne Tapp was nominated by Andrea Lister and seconded by Linda Grime 
Loren Parker was nominated by Linda Grime and seconded by Christine Parker 
Rochelle Stewart-Allan asked to nominate herself and explained her interest in the Church. 
This nomination was seconded by Pauline Oliver 
There being no further nominations, Margaret declared nominations closed and welcomed 
Joyce Lockyer, Linda Grime, Deb Flanagan, Linda Pegg, Anne Tapp, Loren Parker and 
Rochelle Stewart-Allen to the 2021-2022 committee. 

General Business:

There being no further business to discuss, Margaret declared the meeting closed at 2.38pm and afternoon tea was served. 

Posted: Fri 31 Dec 2021